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News Immobiliare : Nove tedeschi in affitto su 10 pensano di acquistare un appartamento : ll possesso di immobili valutato in modo positivo come non mai - 6 февраля 2017 г.
In Germania il possesso di immobili non è mai stato valutato così in modo positivo come di recente. Attualmente tre quarti dei tedeschi vede nell’acquisto di un immobile il miglior modo d’investire i propri soldi. In modo particolare un buon 60 per cento considera case e appartamenti come la migliore forma di previdenza per la vecchiaia. Infatti è durante il pensionamento che si valorizzano i vantaggi di possedere un immobile. Anche tra gli affittuari in Germania l’acquisto di immobili sta diventando sempre più popolare. Di fatto un affittuario su cinque in Germania pianifica di comprare o di costruire un immobile nei prossimi dieci anni. Questo emerge dal sondaggio sull’indicatore di tendenza realizzato dalla società TNS Infratest per conto della banca di risparmio Landesbausparkassen (LBS).
German Property is Looking More Like London - 3 ноября 2016 г.
While Berlin hasn't quite turned into London-on-Spree, Germany's residential property market is having a moment. Germans' fondness for renting homes instead of buying them, fairly flat house-price growth plus rather dismal demographic trends all made the country's property market look distinctly pedestrian for many years. But with mortgage rates plunging, foreign buyers looking for a safe haven and -- more recently -- more than one million refugees arriving in the country, that received wisdom has been turned on its head. The European Central Bank's move to negative interest rates may fuel that trend even further. Can it last? House prices have increased 5.6 percent a year over the past five years, according to UBS, which is double the average annual rate of increase since 1970. Some catch-up is overdue as in real terms German house prices didn't rise over the past 40 years, according to Green Street Advisors.

Historical building in Wuppertal . A good investment with excellent income

The city of Wuppertal is a large industrial center of 360,000 inhabitants, located about 30 km from Dusseldorf, Essen and Cologne. Wuppertal is not only a business center , but also it has a good social and cultural life. It is a green city flanked by forests and rivers , with good rails, roads and airports infrastructure. The city has beautiful museums, a very famous ballet theater, one of the most important zoo in Germany and a huge heritage of art nouveau palaces. Elberfed is one of the most elegant and rich neighborhoods in Wuppertal. Here we have University, Zoological Garden, research institutes and museums, with a very high concentration of ancient palaces. The selling building is located just a short distance from the central pedestrian area of Elberfeld
Карта N °: 1510
€ 265 000

Price: € 265000

Current status: rented 9 apartments of 10. A 33 sqm apartment is to be restored completely. The common entrance of the building, including the main  door and staircase, require some maintenance works.

Property: consists of 10 apartments: 4 of 33sqm, 4 of 55sqm, 1 of 56 sqm, 1 of 92 sqm

Features: In 2016 the top floor was renovated, in 2015 an appartment 33 sqm and one  apartment  55 sqm were renovated too.

Other general works were carried out in previous years. Heating is centralized.

Current rent nettokalt : € 23 773 - rent possible with all apartment tented could be  € 26.000

Yield: current 8.60%; Possible 9.82%